Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cheerleaders And Turkish Class

They're are literally hundreds of cheerleaders all over campus now, and they are eating all of our food. It takes forever to get any food, and they are so rude, and act like brats. The groups all wear the same outfit, and match every single day, and every single one of them, I swear you not, has a bow.... But on the god side, I got my Turkish video done win my group, and once I have it uploaded, I will try to post it on here. I even added a little something that made it so much better. Can't wait to present it tomorrow. But there's another bad thing: I have a ton of words to memorize, and not enough time.... So, which me luck, becaus I need it. Oh, and Dakota broke his wrist, Alisha hurt her knee, Alicia hurt her knee as well, and Mallory has been sick. And Jasmine left today, so our group is down to five..... So sad.... And the returners are getting hit hard with the the issues.... I think we all keep falling down the stairs... Ha ha ha... Not really

I added these to the beginning and the end of the Turkish video... Can't wait to present!!!

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