Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Still No Wifi

Today has been quite a day. The WiFi doesn't work again at the dorms, and I don't understand why. Is it because of the storm? Or is it because Evan isn't working today? A lot of us say that it's because Evan is not here today. Evan is our favorite guy that works at the front desk. He is cool, and he'll talk about almost anything. No one really talked to him, until Mallory came up to him and told him he has nice hair.. ha ha.... I was there, so I know it's true. But, every time Evan is gone, it seems that everything stops working, including the WiFi. Yesterday it worked extremely well, but Evan was here yesterday. And this morning, it stopped working, which is when Evan left.... It's a joke that we all have here at camp, and I think it's hilarious. So this is why I have been at the library a lot lately. Especially today. Well, I have to go do assignments now.

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