Monday, July 20, 2015

Today is THE Day

Today is the day. Today is the day that I finally get everything over and done with. Since the Turkish video disappeared, there has been a lot going on. We haven't had any time to redo the video, so today is the day. Today is the day that my new and last elective starts. Today is the day that my video production class. Today is the day that we either weep tears of joy or tears of sorrow that is the last Monday of our GEAR UP camp. Some of us might even do both, which is me. I am so happy that I will be going home on Saturday, but I am so sad, because I have made so many more friends, and I have met so many new people. I have talked to more people this year, instead of staying inside my shell. I have embraced being an ambassador, and I am so greatly proud to be one. I am so happy to be apart of this family, and I am so coming back next year, to finish up my GEAR UP academy as a student. Then I am off to college, and I have my eyes set on UK. I have for years now. I really want to be one of those students that never leaves GEAR UP, just grows up a little bit. I want to be the one that goes all the way through this camp at UK, then go to college at UK, and then become an IRA for the next generation of students that join the family. I want to be in this family, an I know that I am in this family forever, because I can feel it in my heart. I missed UK so much when I got home last year, and I thought that the only reason was because I missed my friends. But I was wrong. When I got the acceptance letter that told me that I got UK for the second year in a row, I was still confused on what my real reason was. And I didn't find out until I got off that bus, and walked up to the front of the dorm building. I found my reason, and I now understand why I missed UK so much this past year. UK is home. UK is my home away from home. I can feel it my heart that UK is where I am supposed to be. I may not have much school spirit, but I know that UK is where I belong. I know this because it feels so normal here. I feel at home here, and I wasn't even shy on the first day, I just jumped in, because it was like I never left, I was just in a different building. UK is my home, and I will continue to come back all three years, and then after I graduate high school, this really will be my home.

So today is the day. Today is the day that I tell you all what I have been meaning to say from day one on campus this summer. Today is a new day, and that is what I have to be thankful for. Today is a new day, so what are you going to change? What are you going to do different today, from what you did yesterday. Today is the day to make changes. Today is the day to do something to throw everyone off. Today is the day to talk to someone you've never said a word to before. Today is the day that you get out there, and just be you. Today is the day to change everyone's mind about what they think about you. Yes, when I got here this year, I did make judgments about others, and I didn't even know them. And I was wrong. I was wrong to judge those people without knowing their story, or even saying hi. I got out there during the first week here, and I talked to people that I had never seen before, I put myself out there, and in that process, I made a few good friends that I hope to keep forever. I found out that I was wrong with most of my judgments, and I am so glad that I got to know the people that I judged before I kept those views of them in my head. 

So today is the day to change your views. Today is the day to make a new friend that you'll keep forever. Today is the day to sit with someone that you've never sat with before. Today is the day to put your hair up in a different ponytail or braid. Today is the day to meet someone new, and find common ground. Today is the day to find someone who has the same taste in music that you do. Today is the day to find someone who likes the same food as you. Today is the day to find someone with the same humor level as you. Today is the day to find someone who is irritated by the same things as you. Today is the day to put yourself out there, and meet someone new. Today is the day to do something that you have never done before. Whether it be trying a type of food that you've never tried before, or listening to a song that you've never heard before. Do something new today. Do something different today that makes people question you. Who cares if they question your personality, you are you, and there is nothing they can do to stop. There is nothing you can do to change that either, so you might as well embrace yourself, and just be you. There is only one you out there in this huge world filled will millions and millions of people, so don't try to be someone else. There is already one of them, so why would you want to look like them in the eyes of others. Just be you, and you will find where you're supposed to be, and you will find out who else shares the same interests as you. Trust me, I used to think that I needed to act like the person sitting right next to me, when they are already being themselves. So I learned that there is nobody else on this plant 100% exactly me, and that I need to embrace who I am, and not who someone else is. I am me, and that is all I will ever be. We cannot control anyone else, but we can control ourselves. So embrace yourself and your personality, and get out there and do something new, different, and you, Be you, because that is all the world can ask of you. Today is the day to do something new, scary, and different. Today is that day. Today is the day. So make it worth it.

I found these, and these all mean something..... So listen.

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