Tuesday, June 28, 2016

11 days

Okay, so I am so excited...we are almost to single digits now!!! I cannot wait for my camp to begin.

Tomorrow is the start of our huge yard sale at my grandparents house, and I will be over there for a few days. But don't worry, I will still blog while I am over there. The yard sale will be helping out my family's animal rescue that we have started. It's the Firm Fiundation Animal Rescue of Almo, Kentucky. We have a page on Facebook, and we take in donations of any kind. We help all sorts of animals. 

Well, still no stories yet, I'm still working on a good one right now, and good stories take time. So, as soon as I get it done, I will post it. Who knows, I might just continue this story and write a novel, because I really enjoy writing this one.

Well, I'll blog tomorrow.


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