Saturday, July 2, 2016

Chapter one!! 😂😂

I finally got the first chapter of my story revised. I hope you enjoy. I don't know what to call this book yet, so if you have any title ideas, please let me know. I will give you credit for the title, if I use it. I hope you guys like this first look on Rayne's story. Let me know if you want to read more. There are more chapters to come soon.  

      It is now 2036, and the world is gone. The apocalypse began shortly after the presidential election election of 2016. It's been 20 years since the apocalypse began, and it's only gotten worse. I wasn't around when the whole thing started, but I was told about what happened.

      First, there were the earthquakes. They happened all over the world, but only in the major cities. They shook the world into a panic, and thousands died, mostly in car accidents. The earthquakes then caused the volcanoes to erupt, even the ones that were dormant for thousands of years. The volcanoes left ash all over the globe, covering the ground like snow in December. Most of the elderly and young children perished due to ash in their lungs.

      Mountains crumbled, cities burned, and millions died. But that's not the worst part of this whole 'end of the world' thing. The worst thing, for those still alive, are the monsters that the ash and diseases created. There's the mutants, to start off with. Most of them are evil, not all, but most. They're ruthless hunters that want to end the rest of the human race. The 'Rebels', as the evil one calls them, are the good mutants. They blend in and protect the humans from their evil counter parts. 

      Then there's the animals. A lot of them died in fires along side their owners after the earthquakes. But, some of them didn't stay dead. A lot of the animals came back to life to hunt the living, mutant or human. We survivors have given names to some of the common undead animals, depending on what it is. Or was, I should say.

      We call dogs, or undead dogs, z-dogs. They only feed on living flesh. Now, do not ask me if the ones bitten come back, because they don't. It's the apocalypse, yes. But not the zombie apocalypse. Those who die from z-dogs, stay dead. And those who get bitten, die as well, but more slowly. They get a fever, and then fall very ill. It can take up to four days for one to die from a z-dog bite. The good news is, however, is that the ones bitten are not contagious.  But no one has ever turned or has come back from an encounter with a z-dog. 

      There are several animals that have turned into undead freaks. Cats, dogs, rats, raccoons, tigers, bears, and even lions. Depending on the where you are, depends on what animals you'll come across.

       Now, I bet you're wondering who I am, and how I know all of this. My name is Rayne, and I am a mutant of the apocalypse.

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