Friday, July 22, 2016

Diagnosis Detectives

My elective for the past week was very interesting. In the class, we looked at swabs under the microscope. I looked at my spit, and it didn't look that nice. But, they said it looked normal, which is good. Then, we looked for and counted the different types of white blood cells in the human body. It was very cool. I wish I could've gotten pictures of that. And then yesterday, sadly, was our last day in that class. We took a tour of different parts of the medical side of campus, and then we looked the different blood types. Then, we did an activity where we had to determine what blood type our sample was by dropping A antibodies and B antibodies in synthetic blood we used. My sample was type AB blood. It was cool. And at the end of class, after everyone got cleaned up and ready to go, they gave us all lab coats to take home with us. Which is pretty cool. 

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