Thursday, July 14, 2016

July 14th...

Today was the first day of music and communications. Communications kind of coincides with our education class, so it's easier to follow I guess. We talked about ourselves, and then we talked about our upcoming assignments. Then, we had music. I love the music class. It's amazing in there. This year, it's different. We are playing steel pan drums instead of the African bass drums. It's awesome. And we are actually playing a more modern song. For the three years, we are playing 'Treasure' and I'm in the melody, so I am literally playing the words of the song. It's awesome. 

We ate at the 90 for lunch, and for dinner. And shall I say it again: SO MANY CHEERLEADERS!!!! There's way too many people. It was so crowded and they were so rude. 

Anyways, I had fun today. And I've made a new friend. Her name is Juniper. 

Until tomorrow,


PS: I really miss my family, and I love them. But, don't worry mom. I'm having fun😁😂😝

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  1. I miss you lots too. I am so glad you are learning and getting to try different things.