Monday, July 18, 2016

July 17th and 18th

Okay, so Sunday, nothing really happened except for our Olympics with our groups. It was fun. The end was amazing. We got to dunk water all over each other. It was so much fun.mand then I did laundry. The washer and dryers are really nice here. 

Today, we had classes, and we started our electives. I have diagnosis detectives. It's really cool. We will be looking at some samples that we swabbed today, tomorrow. It'll be fun. And then, we went to a baseball game. You know, the Lexington Legends, the one we went to last year twice because of the rain? Yeah, that one. It was so much fun though. I got to hang out to with some really cool people, and I bought another hat. It was so much fun today. But, we got back late to the dorms, so I had to blog now...and I am so excited for this coming up Saturday...the dance party is going to be awesome. It was last year. 

Well, until tomorrow.


PS: the first picture is the hat I got last year and the second picture is the hat I got today. I love hats. They're so much fun. And so cool to have. Especially with all the different possibilities on colors and designs. 

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  1. Too bad they didn't do different designs, besides just colors. Looks cool though and at least this year it didn't get rained out.