Tuesday, July 19, 2016

July 19th

So, today was a good day, and I got all my assignments caught up. And then, today I created a cover letter and a resume. But, it's only a draft. They will grade it, and then we will finish up the editing part, and turn in the final copy. Friday, we are going to Malibu jacks, and Saturday is our dance party. I am so so so so happy that we get another dance party. Last night, the baseball game was fun. Hanging out with everyone has brought me closer and closer to some of them. I have quite a few people that I talk to now on a daily basis. And again, there are more cheerleaders. The first bunch left, and now there's more. And they're leaving on Thursday. We are goi to a museum tomorrow for photography, and I'm so excited about it. 

Well, until tomorrow



  1. very cool. Looks like you are learning, as well as having fun.