Friday, July 22, 2016

Malibu Jack's

This place was amazing. There was laser tag, go carts, arcade, and a realistic simulator. I did all of it. I did the simulator twice, because it was so cool. It was like a small roller coaster, and you're sitting still, but you do whatever your 'character' does. We did the horror carnival. It was actually pretty realistic. And with the amazing 4D/5D, it actually looked like the monsters were reaching out towards you. It was creepy, but it didn't scare me. All the people were screaming the first time I went in there, ex let me. I laughed at the end, because it was amazingly real, but it didn't scare me. The go carts were awesome too. It was a small race track, and it was very cool. There was also mini golf course, but I didn't do that. I really don't like gold that much. The arcade was cool. There were a few games that were cool. I played air hockey with a few people, but I mostly just watched others play the games. It was cooler to watch. I also did the laser tag, and it was so much fun. My team won, and it was awesome. I'll post pictures of our score board tomorrow. 

Well, until tomorrow.


PS: Tomorrow is the dance party!! I'm so excited!!

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